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Ben Shahn (September 12, – March 14, ) was a Lithuanian-born American artist. He is best known for his works of social realism, his left-wing political views, and his series of lectures published as The Shape of Content. "Ben Shahn,"Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels, Belgium; Galleria Nazionale D'arte Moderna in Rome, Italy; and Albertina in Vienna, Austria.

"The Collected Prints of Ben Shahn,"Philadelphia Museum of Art in Pennsylvania. It is a Sunday like any other and to paraphrase John Cage quoted in Molly Nesbit’s essay ‘The Tempest’ on Grabriel Orozco, from her recent book Midnight: The Tempest Essays (p. ). Sunday is a day, as much for art as it is for life, for people to keep on washing dishes, to keep on brushing their teeth, to keep on getting sleepy.

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Mihiel, Champagne-Marne, and Meuse Argonne sections. The Heritage Gallery was opened in by Benjamin Horowitz and Charlotte Sherman.

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It is perhaps the oldest continuously operating gallery in Los Angeles, and .

Benjamin shahn
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