Comparing erikson to piaget

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Child development

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Erik Erikson

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Psychological Sciences (PSYC)

Differences Between Erikson & Piaget. Jean Piaget () and Erik Erikson () were psychologists with surprisingly parallel careers. Both Piaget and Erikson were European scholars who were taught in the Freudian tradition of psychoanalysis;.

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Differences Between Erikson & Piaget

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Similarities Between Piaget & Erickson

Kohlberg's six stages were grouped into three levels: pre-conventional, conventional, and post-conventional. Following Piaget's constructivist requirements for a stage model (see his theory of cognitive development), it is extremely rare to regress backward in stages -.

Jul 20,  · The theory proposed by Piaget focuses on the various stages of a child where transition from one stage to the other follows a sequence.

He developed the stages with key ideas as. Vygotsky 's Theory Of Human Developmental And Educational Psychology - Lev Vygotsky is considered by many educational researchers as one of the most influential figures in fields of human developmental and educational psychology.

Comparing erikson to piaget
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