Kill two bird with one stone

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Two Birds, One Stone

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kill two birds with one stone

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Where Did the Phrase,

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Use at least 2 more lines of stock for a more lively porridge. On “Two Birds, One Stone,” Drake takes aim at a plethora of targets with a barrage of subliminals.


The main targets are Meek Mill, Pusha T, and Kid Cudi—two birds (drug dealers) and one. to achieve two things by doing a single action We can kill two birds with one stone by dropping off the mail when we go to the grocery store. kill two birds with one stone • Adding five examples to the chapters that at present lack them would kill two birds with one stone.

• By promoting these new investors, Mr Alphandéry could kill two birds with one stone. • Lleland was obviously out to kill two birds with one stone. • Thorpey said it'd kill two birds with one stone.

• Well, now we can kill two birds with one stone. Home English Kill two birds with one stone: Partial privatisation, EPRDF’s Economic Reform Kill two birds with one stone: Partial privatisation, EPRDF’s Economic Reform June 10, | by ethioexploreradmin | 0. Oct 28,  · (idiomatic) To solve two problems with one single action.

Biking to work kills two birds with one stone.

Arsenal: Can Lucas Torreira kill two birds with one stone?

It saves money travelling and will help to lose weight. Synonyms for killed two birds with one stone in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for killed two birds with one stone.

synonyms for kill: slay, murder, execute, slaughter, destroy, waste, do in, take out, massacre, butcher, wipe out, dispatch, cut down, erase, assassinate.

What are synonyms for killed two birds with one stone?

Kill two bird with one stone
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