Testing human memory with gabor patch essay

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The human brain’s bandwidth for visual images is severely limited

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The development of metacognitive ability in adolescence

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(C) Gabor patches of the three orientations used in this experiment. (D) Example of a sequence of stimuli in one trial of the decoder construction stage.

The human brain’s bandwidth for visual images is severely limited

(E) Procedure of a trial in the induction stage. Auditory Short-Term Memory Behaves Like Visual Short-Term Memory Kristina M.

Visscher1*, Elina Kaplan1, Michael J. Kahana2, Robert Sekuler1 1 Volen Center for Complex Systems, Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts, United States of America, 2 Department of. This is the question that my supervisor and I tried to answer in our lab at the University of New South Wales recently.

Instead of furniture, we used simple shapes known as Gabor patches, which are essentially circles with lines through them. The capacity of short-term visual memory (VSTM) was assessed in a two-interval spatial frequency (SF) discrimination task.

The cued Gabor target in a multi-element array either increased or decreased in SF across a 2 s inter-stimulus interval (ISI). comprised of photometric features at a local image patch as a medium for efficient object indexing in active vision sys-tems.

The photometric features are obtained by taking the Gabor elementary functions [8], a relatively lesser known human long-term memory.


The model is based on the cru. Visual working memory provides an essential link between past and future events. The location of the cued Gabor patch was randomized on each trial. A different Gabor pattern subsequently appeared in the cued position.

The orientation of the Gabor patch was rotated either 20° clockwise (for half of the trials) or anticlockwise (for half of.

Testing human memory with gabor patch essay
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